More Music, Less Risk’ is a slogan of Signe, a multi-award winning company. Their unique way of crowdfunding concerts has changed the music industry in Sweden. Fans can bring their favourite artists to play, while artists and organizers can make sure the risk is less when arranging a concert.

Some statistics from what we achieve

+80% Pageview

+82% Users

+75% Sessions

+102% Conversation Rate


Palmeira Studio Showcase Signe

Our biggest challenge with creating the new platform for was the crowdfunding system. In their previous website they often got emails and questions about how to buy and crowdfund the tickets, which would lead to lost clients and revenue.

Our goal was to create an interactive and fun website that would engage the audience more. Especially important in this case because the concept is built around crowdfunding and that requires a lot of engagement from the customers. So we created a more structured project page with great design and functionality. As a result of the re-design it has lead to increased sales and decreased the concerns about how to buy or crowdfund the tickets.

Palmeira Studio Showcase
Palmeira Studio Showcase Signe
Palmeira Studio Showcase

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