Gastronomy at is finest! Matstudion provides a great restaurant with cooking activities, catering and fine dining. Matstudion in Karlstad has provided local high quality food for a long time, and always coming up with new interesting ways to integrate food in our social life.

Some statistics from what we achieve

+110% Pageview

+102% Users

+104% Sessions

+115% Conversation Rate

UX Design

The UX Design is always extremely important in Web Design, and we really understood that with this project. The old website was very confusing and matstudion often received questions about their services. Our challenge with the website was to create a better UX design to make it easier for their customer to navigate.

We created User Personas, User Research and Keyword Research to understand what is really important for their customers. With the information we collected, we decided to gather all the services and break them down into three big categories. With better structure and copywriting it became easier for the customer to really understand what is providing. We can now see that matstudion is getting more inquiries and less questions than before.

matstudion-portfolio Palmeira Studio
matstudion-portfolio Palmeira Studio

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