Kliner is a modern cleaning company focused on the environment. Clean design, great UX it what makes this company stand out from the competition.

Some statistics from what we achieve

+76% Pageview

+90% Users

+95% Sessions

+102% Conversation Rate

Booking System

Palmeira Studio showcase kliner

Kliner had the vision from the start to be a modern and easy used website for their customers. So we needed to create a accurate pricing and booking system directly on the website. With custom coding we could calculate the correct prizes using the zip code, what type of service and the square meter to get the right cost of the cleaning. By doing this the customers could book and pay directly through the website.

We also added the a membership section that would automatically be created when do the booking. This helped Kliner a lot with administration work and they could manage all the bookings in the back end. For the customers they could easily cancel and manage their own bookings.

palmeira studio portfolio
Kliner.se showcase palmeira studio

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