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Professional fitness with a team of expertise and dedication. They offer various training programs, counselling and training trips abroad that will take your fitness game to the next step.

Some statistics from what we achieve

+60% Pageview

+62% Users

+85% Sessions

+90% Conversation Rate

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The main problem we found with our user research and looking at other personal trainer website was that the pricing was very hard and complicated to understand for the customers. Different clients requires different schedule. So we made all of the options in a very interactive way with a clean hover effect where the customers could just hover over the different options to read the requirements and prizes.

We wanted to create a interactive and fun way for the customers to find exactly what program would suit their needs. By doing this the feedback we received was great. Less questions was sent to Fitness Delux about pricing and the plans they provided.

portfolio palmeira studio
portfolio showcase palmeira studio
portfolio palmeira studio
portfolio showcase palmeira studio

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